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Richard Brooker Mixing Portfolio

I brought along a (decently tricky) string quartet arrangement for a pop song to one of Leos Strings’ hour long recording sessions last Autumn. The environment was relaxed, very friendly, and highly professional and time-efficient. I sat in on the recording session with the members of the quartet, all of whom were excellent musicians. I would have been happy to use their first pass of the arrangement on a record. With minimal direction from me, (to which everyone was responsive and receptive) over the course of an hour we’d recorded three great takes of the arrangement, allowing me to pick and choose the sections from each take that were most adaptable to the existing material. The recording setup was clean and effective, rendering a mix that sounded great simply dropping the unprocessed stems into a DAW. All round it was a fun, friendly, efficient session with a great quartet. I’d love to work with Leos Strings again in the future.

Singer Songwriter, Lokki & Glass Animals