Midi Transcription & Arrangements

In addition to recording, we also provide in-house midi transcription and score engraving from Laurence Chapman. As well as a composer, Laurence is also a highly capable orchestrator who has worked as an assistant to industry veteran David Butterworth on projects such as Knightfall and Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman. He also orchestrated the soundtracks to many of the recent instalments of the Total War series from Creative Assembly.

This breadth of experience has meant he has learnt to quickly familiarise himself with a composer’s MIDI sketches and turn them into polished musical scores. Having frequently recorded with Brookspeare, Laurence has a good working relationship with many of the musicians at Brookspeare making the midi-to-recording process even smoother.

Midi Transcription Services range from a note-for-note take down of the composer’s MIDI sketch with added dynamics and expressive markings to more complex arrangements where aspects such as voice leading are taken into account and adapted to live performance. He is also able to create full string arrangements for songwriters.

Due to the wide variety of music we are asked to record, we will need to have the midi file and audio mockups to give an accurate quote.